Sweet Rosie Interview, here's a snip...
QUESTION: Do you just race up and down in front of the crowd?
ANSWER: I do a lot of the balance tricks. They're kind of girlie tricks. ... I do a lot of stuff up on the hood. I like doing, like, cancans up on the handle pole. I can also do the more guy tricks. I can do submarines, which is when you basically go completely under the water.

Q: Wow. ... When did you learn to Jet Ski?
A: I started riding in '92.

Q: Lots of people Jet Ski. I've Jet Ski'd. But you go CRAZY on a Jet Ski.
A: Yeah, I try to. (Laughs.) I have the bruises to prove it.

Q: Tell me about some of your more outrageous tricks that you've tried, and maybe failed.
A: Well, I've been working on doing an aerial barrel roll.

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