I arrived at English Bay around noon, Jmaxy showed up later, and Brandon had a dead battery so called in to cancel.

I gotta say that today was special. There was some wind on the water and white caps, you know what that means...

There were large swells all day long, and we didn't need to go looking for them. Sail boats and wind surfers were out, we even saw one fellow on a surf board, no kidding.

We played major air all day and evening.
Only thing was that there were pieces of wood debris scattered absolutely everywhere.
We were told that a barge had lost it's load the other day so things were a bit messy at times. (not usually like that)

I was constantly getting debris inside the impeller housing and at one time actually had to put it back on the trailer and crawl underneath. Will bring some extra tools from now on so I can just R&R the intake grate.
Jmaxy got a chunk stuck on his RXP and we went to the nearest beach area to fix it as we were too far from a dock. Being careful and courteous however the dumb ass life guard called the fuzz on us. (We didn't know it would cause any form of issue)
About a 1/2 hour had passed and we were pulled over at sea and escorted back to the dock for a check on licenses and reg numbers.
They were just doing their job and we actually had a friendly conversation with them. They told us that the life guard had an issue about jetskis, and honestly, it was pathetic for him to have made the call as he didn't understand our situation.
All was well and I offered them a beautiful flame package for their floaty thing with the honking motor on the back.
To note, as of this year they can issue tickets, so be aware, courteous and respect the rules. You can still go a million miles an hour, just be thoughtful of other crafts (as we always are) and stay away from the beach if that jerk is working. LoL

The wood will clear out shortly, so things should be better by the weekend.
It was seven hour day for myself standing up on a sit down and I now feel like I've been to the gym and done a thousand squats.
Anyone interested in hooking up for more of that kind of action should contact Jmaxy or myself.