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    Default New to the forum from Ottawa.

    I'm from ottawa, and live 2 secs away from the Ottawa river. My dad keeps his boat on the St-Lawrence river in Cananoque. So I'll be all over the place.

    What I'd like to know is the maintenance required on Jetski's to keep it in good working condition.

    And things to see and do around those area's.

    And, I'm pretty excited for tomorrow, hopefully the weather is nice this weekend!

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    Hey, Where on the Ottawa do you Launch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supradupafast
    Hey, Where on the Ottawa do you Launch?
    Petrie Island today, but $8 to launch is kinda stupid, especially that it's not paved.

    So the one on off Blair Rd. will be the launch in the future, and it's free! I think so.

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    Yeah, it's Free, but Rough.. 12" Rocks sticking out. If you have a 2WD, it's nearly impossible to get out. I'm still using the Petrie launch.

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    I'll have to check that out, I don't remember the rocks when I used to get with my dad's boat, but that was 10 years ago. Have you used Quigly hill ramp yet? And yes I'm 2WD, front wheel drive.

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    Quigly is pretty much same story, but Steeper.. you can do it, zig-zaging your way back up. I just think, Petrie's 8$ isnt so bad, compared to getting stuck in one of the other two. lol

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    WOW, so I'm not going back to Quigly hill ramp, almost didn't make it out, good thing I wasn't alone, and got help to push the car out. I guess Petrie will be my home base from now on.

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    I've never tried out the boat launches on the east end of town. I put our 06 Waverunner in at the Nepean sailing club. $50 for the year to use the launch. Not a bad price and it's a pretty good launch.


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