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    Default Any Ultra 250x owners out there?

    Looking for a bit of feed back on them
    Anything, anything at all?

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    Default Ultra 250

    I don't own the 250, but I do have two Ultra LX (same hull). The boats are very stable, especially when 2 up. A bit wet in the turns as the front digs in a bit and not nearly as quick to turn as my STX-12F's were; but then they're 200 lbs. heavier and a foot longer. Nice in choppy water, not nearly as bouncy as the 12F and tons of storage room in the front, zip in the back. We installed VHF radios and GPS and have done some longer rides (up to 155 NM one-way) and they work great! I did get to ride a 250 and it is very smooth power, but it will stretch your arms! Get used to catching up quick if you get a 250. We find the 160 hp is adequate. Oh yes, we love the tilt "wheel" feature, it's great for standing up and stretching your legs a bit. Very comfortable boat, you won't be disappointed unless you just want to race around, but even the 250 can do that; just takes more to turn than a smaller boat.

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    Hey thanks for the reply
    Its hard to make a decision these days as there is alot of great machines out there.

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    Hey trev2000 Im just wondering if you ended up getting the 2008 ultra 250x Im looking into the same ski. just want to know your thoughts? thanks

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    i have a 2005 ultra 150 and a 2007 ultra250 and let me tell u what there is nobody out there that loves performance of any thing motorized like me i love speed everything i own has to be modified to push its limits but let me tell u what you will not go wrong with the ultra 250x i love this machine very stable in the ocean here in fla in any weather conditions head snaping acceleration and rides like a caddy if anything can handle my own personal test it has got to be the best . i have also not lost a race yet in calm or choppy waters so if this helps seriously trust me you dont want a sea doo or yamaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by trev2000 View Post
    Looking for a bit of feed back on them
    Anything, anything at all?
    Hi Trev...

    What do you need to know about the X? Most reliable machine I have ridden and owned. Ordered in 2006 from KAWASAKI USA ( 6 months before the release ) bought for the hull design mainly. Engine was second and blew me away once I saw in person. Always stored safe, secure and is snitched sorta speak. Have some security apps and plan to add a performance ride plate.

    Had problems with the original plugs and were replaced three times in the first season. 40.00 a plug and a massive 90+ Liter tank was concerning at first, however the machine performance now is outstanding! It can drink up fuel on certain conditions.

    She is a big lady but can she ever move and chop, demands chop and whatever Mother Nature can throw at her. Loads of power and a heart of gold that is dedicated to get the job done. Would not recommend this machine to a new rider.

    If a person does not like to get wet... its a good choice to introduce them to water with the X.

    Really great machine overall!

    Hope this helps a bit.
    Bart Hildebrand
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