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    Default 99 GTX Limited Idle Probems

    Hi Guys, Been reading these forums for a while but never had a problem untill now. Hope you can help.

    I have a 99 GTX Limited with 951cc silver engine. This spring when I took it out of storage, and started it up, it didn't sound right. The idle was around 1200rpm so I upped it to 1500 and its sounds a little better.

    Anything below 1500 rpm made a rattling noise, sounds like engine vibration and its a distict sound. Other then the vibrating when you first start it up, its runs perfectly. Anything above 1500rpm, the sound goes away.

    Also, I tuned my low end circut and just wanted to know when to stop turning the screw. I had the seat off and while traveling around 3200 rpm, I loosened off the mixture screen untill the backfiring almost completly stopped. Should I keep turning untill the backfiring is gone completly and how can I make sure I don't run it too lean?

    I know the stock setting is around 1.5 turns but I think I'm around 2 turns by now and it still backfires rarely. I pulled the spark plug after tuning and it is clean with oil around the thread area.

    Sorry about all the questions but is carb cleaning a good thing to use on a seadoo or is it a waste of time? Can it damage anything?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Don't know about carb cleaning, but having them rebuilt last year and putting in new fuel lines and filters did wonders for me this year.
    If tuning your carb and haven't done it before, I have heard it is very serious business.
    If you are going to chance doing it yourself, look on-line for the Mikuni manual, I believe it's only about $5. bucks, and I think Mikuni themselves put it out.
    I will be getting a copy one day myself, however they say it shows you how to tune the carb perfectly like a pro and that it is pretty easy to follow.

    I couldn't find a link to any free versions in .pdf, so you if you find one, let us know.

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    About the 1999 GTX, isn't that 951 is fuel injected?


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