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    Default 94 SP purchased with a blown motor

    I'm new to this forum and just looking for a bit of advice on a couple things
    I just bought a 94 SP with a blown motor, I picked it up this weekend and tore the engine out of it, the pto side piston is in good shape, no big scuff marks or anything and the cyl still looks good, the mag side is in bad shape, it looks like the piston melted to the cyl wall, I'm hoping not damaging the cyl wall too bad, it also looks like there might have been some material through the rotary valve because it also seems scuffed, but this is the first time I take one of these apart.

    As I was taking the motor out, I noticed that the oil going into the engine was really creamy, so water got in somehow, the oil tank is still clear and does not look like it is contaminated with water (plan on flushing both gas and oil tank)

    are these motors the same as the 582's in sleds?

    how reliable is the oil injection system in these motors? (should I just plug everything and premix my gas?)

    what else should I be looking for while the engine is out?

    does anyone know where to get parts for cheap around Ottawa

    any information is greatly appreciated

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    well I took the rest of the engine apart tonight, it doesn't look too bad, whoever rebuilt this motor last must have dipped everything in red lock tite before installing it, took a couple hours just to clean out the cases, and it looks like my crank is in good shape, I cleaned it all up and the bearings are nice and quiet.

    tomorrow I'm gonna try and clean the cyl up I guess we'll see if the aluminum comes off the walls, if not I'll have to bore them out, I'll keep you guys updated

    I was talking to a friend of mine who had the same engine in his and the problem was his carb settings, does anyone know how to set the carb on these?

    thanks again


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