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    Hey All,

    I just saw this on another forum....this is SOOOooOooooo true...


    I unfortunately was drawn into an argument at a party last night with a university journalism student about Jetski regulations. Her view was that Jetskis should be banned because the people riding them are a danger to themselves, to others and create too much noise.

    Being an ex Journalism student myself (now a high school teacher) I conducted my own interview. I asked her the following questions to try and understand what evidence and or experience she was basing her views on -

    Do you now or have you ever ridden a jetski? "No....oh wait once when i was a kid on the back of one on holidays."

    Ok, do you use waterways regularly...boating, fishing swimming? "Not really, I swim at the pool everyday though."

    Right do you live near a waterway?: "No but....."

    Can you name one brand of jetski or name one person who has been injured or died in a jetski related accident on a sydney waterway? "Err no, but they hit people swimming all the time and ride all night keeping people awake for hours."

    Ok so you haven't really ever jetskied, you dont live near a waterway, you rarely use waterways and are not affected personally by jetski noise nor have you met anyone injured by a jetski or are affiliated with anyone who has lost their life as a result of their own lack of knowledge and/or simple bad luck, yet you believe jetskis should be banned and strangely enough believe that your opinion should be recognised as important.

    Her "Well everyone is entitled to their opinion wether you like it or not"

    Me: "I typically only have opinions on things that affect my life, I dont start arbitrary arguments with strangers at a party because I like the sound of my own voice. In fact I would suggest that as you are not affected by jetskis in any manner, nor do you participate in jetskiing or waterway related activities that your opinion is uneducated, uninformed, biased, worthless and un-deserved. No you do not deserve the right to have an opinion because you have nothing to do with either side of the argument you are simply doing what you were taught to do at uni which is exxagerate, twist peoples words and label other people. They have filled in fountains in parks across London because one childs mother let her kid play in it and he drowned. In 400 years if people like you have their way, our great great great grandchildren will not be allowed to go outside without a mask because they may cause harm to someone else by possibly, maybe spreading a cold.

    Her: "No you're being completely irrational and arrogant."

    Me "It's the only way to argue with someone who shouldn't have an opinion in the first place yet thinks their opinion is more important than those who actually get out there and do things. The people inside are trying to ruin the fun for the people outside. So are you going to sit inside and regulate or come outside and have some good clean fun?"

    Her: "What do you mean?"

    Me: "Come jetskiing with me next weekend...."

    Her"Laughs ...OK, it looks like fun."

    Me: "But you want to ban it?"

    Her: "No I was just explaining to you the argument for banning them....I think they would be fun...."

    Me: "You just argued with me for half an hour that they should be banned and now that you have the oppurtunity to go on one you have changed your mind..."

    Her: "No I never said they should ban them, what I meant was that they need laws and regulations to protect other people."

    Me: *Gets out PWC license, "Yes that is why they have these and make you do a knowledge test to get a license and then fine you large sums of money for not having a license and obeying the myriad of regulations and laws related to PWC and Waterways...."

    Her: "You need a license to ride a jetski? Thats kind of stupid, I mean they look pretty easy..."

    Me: "The mind boggles." *Goes and gets a beer and asks her more level headed best friend out instead, going out with her next weekend.

    Don't ban jetskis, ban journalists.


    The skis:
    No I'm not one of the fat bastards on the picnic table ;-)

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    Me: "Come jetskiing with me next weekend...."

    Her"Laughs ...OK, it looks like fun."


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