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    Default Saturday 17 May 2008

    Wow, what a day yesterday. We were so exhausted when we got home. Might have had something to do with wearing the full wetsuit the whole day.

    For the benefit of others that weren't on the ride, Molson Canadian, The Bald Eagle and us launch from Surrey and went out around UBC and met up with SideFX and Maxy. We rode around to Granville Island for lunch. Is it me or are we becoming minor celebrities down there? Jasmine and I answered a few questions from people wondering where we rode in from etc.
    After lunch Side and Maxy hung around English Bay because of a battery issue with Maxy's ski. Molson, Baldy, two other skis (I didn't get their names) and us rode around to Horseshoe Bay. Riding around in the bay there Baldy ran into an issue as well. Sucking in a piece of driftwood that we couldn't dislodge. Oh, and you don't know how fast you can rig up and tow when a big ferry sounds it horn and starts pulling out. lol

    So Molson ended up towing Baldy back to Wreak Beach (that I'm now officially renaming to Wrench Beach - see pics). We managed to borrow some tools and Aaron got the intake grate off and removed the piece of wood. From there we headed back for the day.
    What a great time! We has such a blast again and looking forward to the next time already.

    Side note - hey Mike, guess who was launching at the same time we were this time at higher tide? That's right, smart guy that was stuck last time. He had lifejackets this time and sporting rolled up jeans. Classic.

    The full album of 57 pics is here but here are the highlights:

    Gassing up down by Granville Island:

    The four skis in front of the Marina and Ferry at Horseshoe Bay:

    The Bald Eagle ripping around (Horseshoe Bay):

    Molson Canadian ripping it up too (Horseshoe Bay):
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