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    Hi I have a 1996 Seadoo GTX that has 2 problems.
    First I have to change the carbon seal on the impeller shaft. The shop manual indicates that I need to remove the entire pump which looks like a big project. Anybody have any shortcuts?? Is it possible to slide the shaft out the back end?

    Secondly, when I start the machine it idles well but intermittently I can't get full throttle out of it, it will max rpms out at about 3500 with a bad vibration. Then all of a sudden it will run well again at full throttle. Initially it seemed to be at its worst when it was cold but now it happens all the time. There is no service engine indication on the information panel. I took the carbs apart and found no problems. Seems like an electrical problem, Any guesses?

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    you do need to remove the pump to get the drive shaft out. it is a very easy job. remove the reverse linkage bolt and the steering nozzle bolt. then take out the 4 bolts holding the nozzle assembly. the nozzles and the reverse bucket will come off. next, undo the 4 nuts on the pump and remove the pump. should take around 5 minutes once you get the hang of it. to remove the drive shaft, slide the metal flange that is touching the carbon ring forward. when it is forward, remove the metal c-clip (or it might be rubber o-ring on your machine). once that has been removed, the drive shaft will slide out the rear of the machine. if your ski has the rubber o-ring, then upgrade it to the metal c-clip.

    as for the electrical problem, it is more than likely your rectifier (this charges the battery). they are known to go bad on these machines. there is a square part in the front grey electrical box that has 3 yellow wires and 1 red one coming out of it. unplug the red wire and see if this fixes your problem. don't ride the ski too long as it will not be charging any more.

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