Hello everyone,

I was out jetskiing the other day on very calm water. I decided to turn my jetski off and go for a quick swim. When I tried to start my Jetski to keep riding it would not start! I opened the "hood" and the electrical box somehow ripped through the fiberglass and fell a few inches. The only reason it could have fell was due to the hull being old.

I have re-secured the electrical box with a metal plate, and I have tried brand new spark plugs; but it still will not start! It just chugs as I hold the ignition button, and the prop turns. Its as if it only gets spark when I hold the ignition button, and loses it as soon as I let go. Would this be a bad cdi? I opened the electrical box and it is bone dry. There is a yellow wire thats not connected to anything, but after reading around this seems normal.

Any help would be much appreciated! If it does sound like I need a part, does anywhere know where I can fidn old Jetski parts?

Dale W