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    Default Rice Lake at Gores Landing


    Just wondering if anyone on here rides Rice Lake and is near Gores Landing? I launch at Gores Landing and mostly ride the river to peterborough. Anyone else in the area?

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    i'm in the area for rides, i launch at the boat ramp 1/2 way up the river, next time i want to try the docks at bewdley(closer to me). it is nice running up to peterborough. also the other way on rice to healey falls, if the weather was better i would meet you this weekend

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    Hey guys
    I have the 21 - 24 off work.
    You wanna ride that weekend.

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    Is that squarrel creek you launch at? If so I go there almost all the time I'm out on the ski. Go there for the day hang out on the beach good time.

    Is Healey Falls towards hastings? I've only gone as far as the main cottage rental place (can't think of what it is called right now, but all the cottages have orange roofs).

    As for the 21-24 I might be able to get out on the 23, I have a coaches clinic the 21-22 and have to work on the 24th. So I can't really say if I will be out or not right now, wait till the time is closer. As long as sunday's weather is hopefully better (really hoping it changes) I'll be out sunday after 1

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