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    Default Seadoo engine

    Looking for feedback about SBT Rebuilt Seadoo engines. In Florida.
    Good , Bad ,or otherwise.

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    Vancouver Island
    95 speedster, surfjet


    oo big debate on these, some will say best ever and some say no way. My personal opinion and experience is stay away. I will give you reasons why

    1) I exchanged three motors with them and all 3 of them had to be returned for warranty repair
    2) You have no idea what kind of engine case you are getting back i.e salt water heads and case

    You have to also ask why they only have a 1 year warranty, but if you pay extra you can get a 2 year warranty. They use the same parts on the standard and permium engines. There are alot of people that swear by them and I know lots of people that have had great success. It really comes down to what you want, your rig to last a year or two and then rebuild again. Or spend only a few hundred more and have an engine that will last you 10 years. Most engine rebuilders ask for a core and almost all of them will not accept an sbt motor. Unless your case is damaged, the best way is too rebuild your own block with oem parts. Again this is just my opinion.

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