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    Default Northwest Water Competition 2006 Schedule

    Northwest Water Competition 2006 Schedule

    Rd 1 May 20th Scooteney or Moses lake
    Rd 2 May 21st Scooteney or Moses lake

    Rd 3 June 10th Lake Sammamish - Tastin-&-Racin
    Rd 4 June 11th Lake Sammamish - Tastin-&-Racin

    Rd 5 Aug 26th Scootenay or Moses lake
    Rd 6 Aug 27th Scootenay or Moses lake

    Source: JetSki News
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    gotta love that rss-bot, it gets the news out. for all you folks around the pacNW, come down and race one of our races, its a hoot.

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    vancouver bc


    hey wet wolf, one of the guys in my office was mentioning something about the epa not allowing 2 strokes across the border. any truth to this?

    and just what class would my bone stock 92 sp and my fat old ass go into?


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