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    Default standup vs. sitdown?

    How strong does one have to be to have fun with a standup? I've only ever ridden a sitdown before. I handled it fine, although my arms do feel like jello when I'm done lol. But I really love tricks and what I can do on a sitdown seems very limited. I've never owned a pwc before, only rented.

    Are there sitdowns I can do lots of tricks on?
    Will I be strong enough to handle a standup? (I'm just a little girl lol)
    Can I rent a standup somewhere and try it?
    Any other words of wisdom?

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    if you like tricks go for the stndup!

    there are alot of different type's of standups that might suit you(lighter/smaller) but you'll be able to handle it no prob's..

    to be honest once you get used to a standup, you get loose and it doesnt suck the life out of you unless your doing tricks

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    If you consider 360 spins and jumping 2ft out of the water tricks than yes any sitdown would do

    Seriously though...any ski will take the energy right out of you until you gain the endurance for it. Standups arn't so much about strength but about balance, there is a learning curve to a standup but once you have passed it they don't wear you out as much and its fun pushing your riding to the next level.

    What ever you get,, just get out on the water. Its better than sitting on the beach.
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    I dont know of any places that rents stand ups but deppending on where you live i'd be more then happy to let you try out my ski.

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