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    Oakville, ON
    92 Kawi 750SX

    Default 92 Kawi 750SX Hull material question

    Hey guys,

    The Background:
    I'm a proud new owner of a 92 750SX. I picked it up on Friday, by Sunday had the Factory Pipe elbow welded and hit the water for 4 hours. Loved it. After cleaning it yesterday, I found a 4.5in long hairline crack in the nose of the hull, right beside where the previous owner did some repair. It seems that since the ski is sitting nose-down on the trailer, water is seeping through the crack. SO looks like no long weekend riding for me

    The Question:
    I want to repair this as soon as possible, are the 1992 Standup hulls fiberglass or SMC? Or bottom hull fiberglass and top deck SMC? I've searched the net and can't find a definitive answer. I want to get the right material to repair it since SMC apparently needs epoxy.

    Is there a way to safely patch this so I can ride this weekend (and baby it)? and then do the full repair?

    Thanks for any info. I have to get the supplies to fix it today, since tomorrow is Canada Day


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    Oakville, ON
    92 Kawi 750SX


    Okay, after searching around and some grinding... The hulls are SMC, so regular polyester resin will not stick. With these types of hulls, epoxy resins have to be used. West System resins come highly recommended which are available at West Marine and other marinas. Their site has a lot of useful info on repairing using their products, as well as a downloadable guide. Here is a link to their site:

    and to their how to guides:

    I also found a place in Etobicoke that specializes in fiberglass and resin:
    Smithcraft Fiberglass Supply Center
    970 The Queensway
    Toronto, Ontario
    M8Z 1P6
    Tel: (416)259-6946

    Hope that helps anyone in the same predicament of fixing a crack.

    so ya... don't use the fiberglass from Canadian Tire etc... use Epoxy

    92 Kawi 750SX, aluminum handlepole, Factory Pipe exhaust, foot wells, turfed and painted. More goodies to come.

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