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    Prince Edward Island

    Question shipping seadoo from the U.S. or Canada?

    Was wondering if anyone has some suggestions on who or how to get decent shipping quotes if i was to buy a seadoo in the states. I live in the Maritimes and i am finding shipping to be nuts to get one from the states.

    Has anyone has success importing from the U.S.

    Also looking at purchasing from within Canada as well but shipping still seems to be alot.

    all suggestions are welcome...

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    If you're close enough to the border then it's worth your while to drive over and get it there. Either way it comes to Canada you will have to pay the goverment it's dues.

    A jetski on average weighs about 950lbs and it about 12ft x 4ft x 4ft; and can be crated or left on trailer; this will increase the shipping size and cost accordingly.

    If you find one in the US, I'm sure the seller will keep for you after you discuss with the situation with them. They just don't want to be messed around with. So, I'd look to the US for my jetski, unless you can find one in Ont /Que; I wouldn't go past TO; shipping is just too expensive in Canada. Call a few freight companies; but be warned, they may have a policy about shipping "personal goods"; and this is due to 911 and policies.

    It's nuts, but that's the way it is.

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    Prince Edward Island


    thanks for the info.

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