hey guys, im a new member from down south around atlanta georgia and a few months ago i purchased a real old pwc that i had never seen anything like it. It resembles the 68-69 model see-doos but is even flatter and the seat stays flat all the way to the back. It has what appears to be around 350cc twin cylinder, water cooled, 2 stroke inboard with direct jet drive sticking out back. I have flipped this machine over in every direction looking for I.D. and cannot find a single marking of any kind on hull nor motor. I did manage to get the thing running and it sounds like it runs quite well. Havent had a chance to put it in the lake yet but maybe soon. I was wondering if any of you might know of a company that produced a pwc very similar to the 60s model seedoo back around that time. i would appreciate any info i can get and will definitly post some pics as soon as i can to show you this jewel, i know you will get a laugh! Thanks for your time guys!