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    Default Recommend a Yamaha Dealer

    I'm traveling to the States this spring plan on buy an FX HO or VXS. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a dealer along the Eastern Seaboard (New Hamsphire, Maine , Vermont).

    Prices in Canada are ridiculous compared to US


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    Barrie, ON


    Best thing to do would be to just start calling some dealers and find the best deal. I have a friend who has a dealership they just let yamaha go. It's hard to be a dealer in Canada and I don't blame people for going to the states when they can save a few thousand.

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    I would prefer to buy in Canada but the price difference is just too much to ignore. I don't mind paying a little more to support my local dealer but when the gap gets too large then Yamaha Canada thinks I'm stupid or uninformed.

    So if anyone knows of reasonable prices in Canada where I can purchase a machine please let me know. I'm willing to travel as far west as Toronto.

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