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    Default SXR Waterbox - Air Time Products

    ATP SXR Performance Waterbox

    Due to the popularity of the SJ Waterbox ATP were asked on numerous occasions if this will fit in an SXR, while the answer was yes it took some modifying by the user to do this

    Now ATP have worked with one of the racers in the UK and come up with a modified waterbox ready to fit into an SXR

    This comes complete with Modified hoses and full fitting instructions

    There is some modifiaction needed to the foam in the SXR but aside from that fitting is easy

    weighing in around 2lbs 6oz, this is a HUGE weight saving over a stock SXR box, plus it dries out quicker than a stock SXR box which has the reputation to hold water

    For SXR Racers and Freestylers alike this offers a great advantage

    These will be instock middle of next week and im taking pre orders now

    $275 + shipping & PP
    Look for us on facebook - Canadian Freestyle
    stocking Authorised Airtime products, Hot Products, Powerfactor products, Gecko head gear, swift lift, jet lift totes/carts & Hydroturf dealer and also
    RAGE composites - BRAWLER HULL

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    waveblaster, superjet sn


    hey i'm looking for a waterbox for my blaster. i'm using a wetjet pipe and i can't use the stock box in a wave blaster. i was wondering if you had anything thats straight, slender, possible with some sort of baffle or something to take the sound down. i also need some hydro turf to glue around my blaster on the rub rail and do you have turf kits precut for specific boats? thanks jason. my buddy corey is coming up to see you this weekend so hopefully we can figure this out quick and he might be able to pick up my stuff too. thanks, jason. you can email me at or call me at 905-962-4373

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