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Thread: Jet Ski Brakes

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    Default Jet Ski Brakes

    We have been working on a braking system for a couple years and we'd like to hear any comments you have on our products. If you'd like to see the system you can check out

    There's too many pictures to upload here.

    Thank you very much for your comments!

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    i designed a braking system for jet skis when i was in 8th grade

    next day i'm in school i could see if it is still saved on my computer

    your design is much better, mine worked from the side of the ski rather than the back

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    vancouver bc


    the beach is my braking system.

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    Administrator Jetlag's Avatar
    Vancouver, B.C.


    I think you have a great product but i wouldnt install them on my standup. The faster sitdowns should have some kind of braking system and steering control.

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    We used an RXP, made up there in Canada. I must say, you guys make the best! It's an awesome ski. Built better than the rest, for sure. The thing does almost 80 MPH which is why we chose it for the prototype.

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    A little visualization...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails brakesbabe_181.jpg  

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    Default Brake Video

    I finally got a video of the brakes in action although it's not as good as I'd like it to be.

    I had to stay over 100 ft. from shore because it's idle only inside a 100 ft. My buddy had to use full zoom and he didn't have a tripod, so there's a bit of chop.

    Anyhow, I was running at 50 in the video and you can see it works pretty good. Next time I'll have markers and get measurements as well as a professional photographer. Until then, you can have a look here if you're interested.

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    The patent office has finally issued, we're now U.S Patent No. 7,007,621
    also patented in Canada.

    One thing very interesting, if you do a search, you'll find that Bombardier has bought most of their patents from other people.

    They bought the OPAS from a guy in California, it was never their Idea. They also bought another braking system that's really just trim tabs. And believe it or not, they hold a patent for putting a 4 stroke engine in a personal watercraft. I guess that means Yamaha must be paying them a few bucks...

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    Member JETSKIBRATTTT's Avatar
    Wasaga beach,ONTARIO


    I believe revolutionary ideas and ground breaking inventions are needed
    in PWC.
    I for one though strictly enjoy standups and am only looking for ways to go faster as opposed to slower or increasing my sleds drag.
    We can only hope that your idea stays as such or at least stays optional and doesn't become mandated for watercraft.
    Michigan has already opted for teather straps.
    Ohio for rear exhaust craft only ,
    This being made mandantory on all STANDUPS is what I fear and if Canada gets a hold of your idea.
    We're all screwed!!!!!!!
    Any way our government can get a chunk of change out of us they will
    and by mandating a braking system.
    My bet is they'd be all over it!
    Increased fines for those who don't comply, yearly inspections, Gst+Pst!!!!!!
    Damn they'll probably even be after your patent.
    There probably already countin there money
    Just an Opinion

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    I don't think you have much to worry about. They were never intended to be a manditory product. Even if they they were, the government can't make you pull a brake lever.

    The whole idea is for collision avoidance. When another ski or boat pulls in front of you. If an unavoidable collision is about to happen, you have an option. If you want them, you can buy them. If not, no big deal.

    We don't want to slow you down a bit. The faster you go, the more you might want a way of slowing down when needed.

    We will also be releasing a "deceleration" module soon. It's a micro processor controlled LED array kit. A red led light will come on only when you're slowing down, or "off throttle" Even if you don't want brakes, when you suddenly slow down, someone following you will be less likely to run into you. A great product if you ride with others.


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