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    2005 GTXSC & GTX Limited

    Default 2005 GTX Limited Steering Problem, water in hull and where to buy paint

    I have a 2005 GTX Limited and have the following questions:
    1. Once I hit 45mph the machine is hard to steer and wants to wonder; could this be the OPAS fins? Has anyone removed tese?
    2. After riding for 45 minutes, there was about 2 liters of water in hull. Could this be plugged Bailer Tubes?
    3. Where can I buy hull paint for my machine?



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    Hi Dennis,

    I can offer some advice on a few of your questions, numbered just like you did:

    2. You may want to check out the pump seal, the following is a post from that may help

    3. The Sea Doo hulls are fibreglass with what's called Gelcoat on it. If you're wanting to fix some scratches or something on the bottom of the hull go to the following link and look up your model year and you can order a kit:

    Hope this helps!


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    st. catharines
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    the water in the hull could do with the opas or the exhaust could of got over heated and then melted out the exhaust temp sensor or the rubber coupler on the exhaust came off

    The wondering could be your opas not lifting up when there is enough pressure. I made some pieces to lock my opas in the up postion.

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