So i bought this a 1988 bowrider back in 2009 and i now get a letter from revenue that they have no record of tax payed!
there is no way in hell i am paying them anything!
i payed $40 tax on the trailer. then i went in to service canada and told them i have it and they took my info and gave me the pleasure craft licence which also says this is not a title document and its from transport canada.
they should have at that time told me there is a damn tax and i would fact i asked the lady if i had to pay anything or not so she said no its all done.
are these people on crack trying to pick on people or have their fat asses there with nothing to do! i am really pissed right now.
so question...when you buy a boat where do you go to get the title anyway? and is there a tax on these boats...i mean its a 1988 and i got it in 2009..the letter says pay 8%.
also says to include receipt or if i dont have one then to fill out the form that has the following: date purchased, amount tax paid, to who it was paid, purchase price, daytime phone #.
i was thinking to just call their ass and tell them its sold...which i am selling this spring.