We are looking for someone to fill the positions of Race Director and Safety. The successfull candidates will be paid each $100.00 per day....$200.00 per weekend. Hopefully that will spark some interest!!

Also safety and tech inspection will be in effect at every race this season so make sure you have proper tethers, legal intake grates, etc. We want to ensure safety is taken seriously as well as fairness in each class. That means Ltd. motors in Ltd. boats, no switching of boats, (you race in moto 1...you race it in Moto 2) everybody talks about keeping it fun, then let it be fun and fair for everyone....not just a select few. If one person isn't playing fair...if affects points for the whole class.....and that is not fun!

It would also be great if we could get people to send in their membership applications ahead of time so there won't so much rush creating the cards.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the races, there has been alot of interest from the USA riders about the Penticton race. It's such a great spot.....let's all move there and live on the beach!!

Western Canadian Watercross Association