Hey folks. First post here. Looks like a good spot!

I am looking at getting back into a used PWC. Been many years since I have owned one. Probably 15 years or so. I am thinking about a project and rebuilding a stand up '91 Kawi 550 SX. I am curious if there are any new laws I should be aware of, Nationally, Provincial, or even Regional locally here. I do know about the pleasure craft operators card, I already have one as I own a ski boat. I am more interested in laws pertaining to PWC's. Are 2 stoke engines still fine to run on public waterways? Anyone heard about any closures in BC in particular? Are there any noise restrictions? Or anything else I should know about before I buy a used stand up? Are helmets required? Don't think so as I don't see many.

Your input is appreciated. Once I hear back, I'll go to the next step of finding and acquiring a 550SX! Thx.