I was out fishing the other night and when I went to start the motor, it bogged bad. I got it going by feathering the throttle and once fired keeping the gas to it until l I got back to the marina, 5minutes. Cold, the oil is at about 3/4 full, I have heard today that it should only be 1/2 full cold, is this true? I removed 1/2 quart anyway. The ski would not start this morning and I removed wet plugs 5 times, drying them with a small torch. then replaced them with new plugs. Aft5er it did not start with the new plugs, I removed the plugs, hooked up booster 12v and turned over motor with the plugs out. What I believe to be water sprayed out of the second cylinder from the back. Where do I start to get this problem fixed?

There wasn't any oil in the air filter.

The old plugs looked foiled, the new once do not have a mark on them as it is not firing. Some alcohol starter spray could not fire it. There seems to be power at the spark plug cable. I see 2 missing insulators at the wiring harness going to the spark plug boot, the missing insulator is blue, could they be causing the electricity to jump and short some how?

The tin exhaust can at the back of the machine is full of water, one service guy told me water should not be there another said it was cooling the exhaust and was supposed to be there.

Is there any way water is being sucked from the exhaust into a cylinder?

I do not think the hose and clamp recall has been done on this machine.