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    Default polaris problems

    We just bought a polaris msx150 this june and have had to the dealer 3 times because of coolant loss .It's still under warranty until end of the month , but it's near the end of the season and now I am worried if they have now fixed it this time. The dealer has now said the oil cooler is cracked and is leaking oil into the coolant ??????

    If anyone can help that would be great.

    The dealer appears to know what they are doing because I was recommended to them by two other jetski owners.
    I live in the Toronto area.Thanks

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    try this site. lots of knowledgeable seadoo and yamaha guys, not sure about the polaris section.

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    Thanks for the info. any thing at this point will help.

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    Just a update to the motor problems that I have had this year. It was back at the dealer to be winterized (different dealer) and coolant gone again,the dealer called polaris on my behalf and now it's back at the fist dealer as per advise from polaris.Hope this time it will be fixed.They are talking about a new motor,but not for free,but the ski has 61hrs on it and a fresh motor would be great .Any advise would be great.


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