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    Yesterday the Grand River opened up and the boat launch was free of ice. I was able to run the ski on the trailer for about 20 min. sounded rich down low so i rejetted the pilots from 130 to 120's and will go try it out this afternoon. sounded very snappy. I think all the major ice chunks flowed away last night so a ride may happen this afternoon too. Steve's ski is ready for the water so if he goes out i go out. Woohoo my winter project is done.
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    Well its winter and i am BACK! lol. This past summer was good. I rode alot and broke down minimal. I had a problem with my front seal and bearing on my crank so i ended up swapping a different crank in. I put on a new seal and ran the motor for a couple of weeks until i hydrolocked the crank and bent a rod. upon inspection the front seal was leaking again. bought a new front bearing for the other original crank and put it all together. i brought the RAD flywheel to a machine shop and he spun it to check it for being centered and balanced. It was not. i pitched it in the hole at the machine shop we were doing work at. Put the Stock flywheel on and it ran fine the rest of the summer. I since then sold my SN hull, and bought a 96 virgin OEM hull. i also sold my ski-shack/house and moved to a bigger better place. i live on the chippawa creek!!! dirty river rides here i come. lol.

    Anyways, here is the new hull. It is almost complete. just waiting on a few last parts to come in. I am very excited about this setup. It should Freaking Rip!

    Here is a list of mods and parts for this years setup:
    -96 hull -2" non reinforced
    -WCF hood / nose piece
    - stock pole -4" reinforced
    - umi bars 0 degree
    - umi turn plate
    - umi bearing kit
    - Odi grips
    - Blowsion finger throttle
    - 24/7 carbon chinpad
    - lowered pole bracket
    - Jet Dynamic Scoop grate
    - Stock modded ride plate
    - 24/7 hood hooks
    - XFT foot holds
    - Hydro Turf diamond pattern
    - C-75 Skat swirl
    - TBM superpump cone
    - modded stock turn nozzle
    - 85.5mm bored nozzle
    - 550 gastank dual pickups
    - FPP waterbox
    - front exhaust
    - new OEM steering cable
    - new OEM midshaft housing / seals / bearings / shaft
    - oneway valve into pump area
    - single bilge pump with Blowsion bracket
    - military grade switch for bilge pump
    - military grade switch for TL ignition
    - 82mm Wiesco pistons/ported 61x jugs
    - ported 62t cases
    - Ada girdle head
    - ported exhaust manifold
    - Delta V-force 1 reeds
    - R@D dual 48 intake
    - R@D reed spacer
    - Dual 48mm PowerBomb carbs
    - Pro-K flame arrestors with outerwears
    - Umi drive couplers
    - MSD total loss ignition by JSS
    - 5.3 lbs battery/s
    - FPP b-pipe with Team Scream Mod chamber
    - new OEM starter
    - JSS cables

    so i posted a few pictures up, one of the hull when i got it, one of the front exhaust setup i will run, Steve working on his hull, and some hydro turf. hope this motivates some of you canadians to work on your skis or a superjet.
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    Thats the list that i want

    Quote Originally Posted by D-Roc View Post
    hope this motivates some of you canadians to work on your skis or a superjet.
    i was thinking of getting a newer superjet but i sure like my old square nose.

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    lol, it's a long list, good thing it doesn't have prices beside them....i would cry and the wife would divorce me. i loved riding my sn ski too but i liked how much better the RN hulls ride. the hood tricks are much more precise with lowerd hoods. i could nail tricks much more consistently on my buddies RN ski which i hardly ever rode compared to my own ski which i always rode. and that just ain't right! lol.
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    Hey D,

    So the Shack is no more eh ;-)

    Another big project for ya....can't just keep one for a while....hehe

    Looking good....and one hell of a parts list.

    I saw you listed a modded stock ride plate.....what's the mod??

    Oh yeah....I'm finally getting around to installing my RAD lightened flywheel (61x with 61x stator into my 62T ski). I've had one guy in the UK (runs Loki Customs...they make some nice billet parts and he's a marine engineer) say to be careful running a MSD Enhancer with a RAD flywheel. He says it can advance the timing too much and he's seen guys blow the fronts off their pistons.

    Whatya think of that? Everyone else I ask just says toss it on and go (with stock timing). He says to retard the timing a bit to be safer.

    Anyways...hope the new garage is workin some pics when ya can.


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    the rideplate was stock that i cut short to match my shorten hull. i ended up making myself a ride plate out of fiberglass. it is a bit longer than my hull but still shorter than stock. I would run the rad wheel with stock timing and 91 or 94 octane. you will like the added snap you will get.
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    Default the shortened plate was just to math the hull...gotcha.

    Man I bet the rear of yer ski sinks easy to get the right angle ;-)

    I threw a Bendix on Friday (lost a tooth), to I got a replacement and installed the RAD wheel while I was at it.

    Yep....that is the hit I was looking for....the tricks are easier now for sure!

    Funny...I think my arms are a bit longer today....hehe


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    No I'm not one of the fat bastards on the picnic table ;-)

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    you think that rad wheel works, hahaha, you should try a msd total loss, best part i have ever bolted on, when it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Roc View Post
    you think that rad wheel works, hahaha, you should try a msd total loss, best part i have ever bolted on, when it works.
    LOL...."when it works".....yeah I'm still all for reliable days o the lake....not days swearing my head off when the friggin ski won't go ;-)

    That said...I'll run out of other mods and end up gong that route sometime

    The skis:
    No I'm not one of the fat bastards on the picnic table ;-)

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