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    I'd be in for Rice Lake, but I ride a couch.

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    a couch??? this is a stand-up only thread, lol i am kidding of course. Again i am thinking Rice lake is about 3hr drive and too short of notice. However Me and LAKES are having a spring ride in the grand river on Sat, may 26. We are having a big bash afterwards at the cottage with music wings and beer....if you got a ski, and your from ontario...your welcome to bring the family
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    Thanks for the invite D-roc.
    Might take you up on it. always wanted to ride in Erie or on the Grand near Dunnville when we used to have a place there, so might take you up on it, if we arent up at Rice.

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    that goes for any and everyone here!!! We got guys from Toronto, burlington, St. Cathrines, Thorold, Dunnville, London, Grand Bend hoping to attend. The party afterwards is going to be a blast, We have lots of room for tents and trailers too. check out the map, the cottage is just down around Rock Point. We can ride in the river and in the lake and even cruise over to the cottage. We got a guy from work plowing Wake in his 25' "Slow Ride" so if you want to hangout on the boat too thats cool. Should be a good time, your all welcome to come down on the friday night and stay till monday.
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    a few pics of our ride areas

    this is a picture taken from the one launch in PT Maitland, looking at lake erie

    This is a pic looking across the river to another launch that is very private and good for a little tailgating. Me and steve are going to be cleaning it up a bit

    this is a pic from the cottage looking out towards rock point. The river is just around that point and is about a 10 minute ride.
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    Default stand-up ride

    Hello All

    Are we going to do any ride this summer????

    I am in!!!

    ride of 750 sx 1993 kaw.

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    guys.. burlington beach .. tuesdays and thursdays.. normally quite a few of us stand up guys there.. thats where the eh! team practices... check out for info on a race/fun ride day being organised there on 24th august
    Look for us on facebook - Canadian Freestyle
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    freestylefest is happening too. i am in for a burlington ride soon, you guys hit up some nice waves there?
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    had a great time in burlington, snapped a few pics too, check it out.
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    Georgian Bay, Ontario
    98 Yamaha SuperJet


    Do you guys still ride at Burlington Beach? also anywhere else you go riding? ever get up North?? Georgian Bay area???

    I wouldnt mind heading down there for a few rides


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