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    Here is a Pic of our local ride areas. The Upper Grand River is 6' deep give or take 2' in spots We can cruise up into Byng Conservation Park and jump logs or cruise under the bridge and over a dam. Its got a nice launch with a park along the river, there is a steep crappy launch down closer to the bridge that only we use so we can backin and use out trailer as the dock and tailgate The lower River in Pt Maitland has a nice secret sand beach with logs to sit on and deep water to ride flatwater. Also has the mainstream launch which is where people fish and launch so we try to stay up river a bit for flatwater and hit up the end of the pier or the east and west beaches for some "surf" like waves. We have a nice variety of launches and ride spots within 5 minutes driving from my house. How about we all post up your Local launches and ride spots for others to see.
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    cool pics
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