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    Default Anyone From Ottawa region??

    Hey, I was just curious to see if there were any riders from Ottawa region in this Forum.

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    is 8 hours close enough, lol
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    Where abouts 8 hours ????

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    Dunnville ontario on lake erie
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    Lucky you... Nice great big lake to ride on.

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    yup and the grand river is a stone throw away which flows into lake erie. wave days are quite seldom in summer but the fall it usually picks up abit
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    Are there alot of PWC Riders down there? Around here, it's kinda Baja Boat Infested, and most PWC Riders are not very social. (Unless there are some on this Forum that i havent come across yet)

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    yeah there are a bunch of standup riders. Me, Steve and Dave all have superjets, Alex has my old SXi he is putting back together. There are guys in hamilton, St Catherines, Thorold, Burlington, that are within 45 minutes on Dunnville. If there are more standups near by i haven't seen or met them yet.
    1996 SuperfrickenJet

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    dude, from Ottawa here,,, where do ya go riding? I like Big Rideau, and White Lake

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    I don't have any favorite riding spots around here. I ususally stick around Ottawa River, Petrie Island area. I like to park it, and tan it... If i'm only in for a quick dip, i usually launch at Blair. What about you?

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