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    Default PWC alarm [addendum]

    O.k., so while scanning the isles at Princess Auto, this great deal popped out at me and couldn't resist the $24.95 price tag.
    It's the Audiovox AA929 Self-Contained One Wire Car Alarm.
    Took it home, tried it on the meeter, and low and behold, it does just what it says it will.
    Loud and obnoxious, and pretty sensitive as well.
    Made up a wiring harness so that I can unplug it before hitting salt water.


    One, Two Button RF Transmitter
    Eight Level Adjustable Internal Shock Sensor
    Two Stage Shock Sensor capability in all 8 levels
    Selectable Voltage Sensing On/Off
    Selectable Voltage Sensing Arm Timer
    Arm/Disarm Chirp
    Tamper Chirp
    Remote Panic
    60 Second Shut Down Timer
    Code Learning System can 'learn' up to two transmitters
    Weight: 7 lb

    Just passing on the news
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