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    Default Our ride at English Bay

    Had plans and they got changed, though for the better.
    I had a line to Pete and Craig for a river ride, thenn Maxy called and said there was a plan to meet Randy at English Bay.
    Craig bailed, but the three of us played hard until we met up with Randy and David. Juiced up with fresh jet fuel and blasted it once more into the wide open. We eventually idled into the nude beach to see what's cookin'. LoL Some nice, some fkn very scary, so enter at your own risk!
    In the spirit of the free and while riding naked, I will do a hand stand out there next time and post some pictures here. Hope that's o.k. with JetLag! LoL

    Rode around the bend from Rec Beach and ended up on another somewhat secluded spot.
    Met up with yet another couple riders and chatted it up for about an hour.

    On the ride back, I found I was bilging a lot of water and didn't know where it was coming from. Loaded up the ski, hooked up the fresh water hose and started the engine. At that point I noticed water spraying out from where the exhaust manifold hooks up to the pipe and immediately shut the engine down, then the hose. I should have done a reverse order as I got some water in the cylinders.
    From looking at it, I noticed three of the four bolts were missing and just one was holding the assembly together.
    Made a quick call to Chester and he gave me some good advice to get things back in order. If you guys in the Van area ever need some mechanical work, Chester has been just awesome to deal with and I highly recommend his 35+ years experience. You can call him at 778-241-0446
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