Maxy and I carved up some liquid at Crescent Beach today in White Rock.
Was a good 4 hrs and the odd hard wake from speed boats. We arrived at 3:30pm and the water level at the launch was really low. So low that you couldn't launch a boat until it rose. No problem launching the skis and
we were quite surprised at how much the water level had elevated in just a few hours and upon our return.
Shoreline waters were in the 70's, and we found a place to eat as well.
We used our tie down ropes and wound them around some big rocks we pulled up from the bottom and used them as anchors because the shore had too many small rocks. It worked out well but it's kind of tricky. On that note, probably a good idea in the future to carry some fish net and a clip of some type. Figure it would be easiest to put a big rock in the net and clip it to the rope, this way it won't come loose or slip off.

Sunday should be good as well, not sure yet where to go but need a little more thrill like from some tug wakes or a mild hurricane. LoL