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    Default merger of U.S. Canada & Mexico into a North American Uni

    So while we were busy at work making enough to pay the taxes IN ORDER TO maintain the standards of living and our loving self sufficient country, and while we were sleeping yet again at the wheel and awoke only after smashing into a tree, low and behold, another rubber bullet hits the forehead, and again, in the dark.

    I just hate to talk politics because nothing ever good comes of it without a hefty price, which seems to never go the FK away either. However I have been following some details of this event for some time and it won't be bringing us security or prosperity anytime soon. In fact, it will most likely be disruptive causing an opposing effect as most of the world has been dropping the green back federal reserve (not federal) pyramid bucks for the Euro like a fat kid on a smartie.
    Hmmm. Why is that?

    Q: And why is this 'merger' event not openly discussed on the evening news every night so that Canadians can have an understanding, develop an opinion or have a referendum on what WE WANT for our futures and future generations before it's a done deal!


    A:Because it's not about us, it's about them?

    Q: Got any more questions?

    A: SHUT UP and get back to WORK!

    Yes, us. Like a loose tooth in the gum-line of a great white where there is always another to take its place and another being formed, so just get rid of it, spit it out.
    Like the sheep which cometh for the fleecing.
    The disposable society that has a say yet given no attention.

    Our so called representatives sneak around in secret meetings making big dollar deals behind our backs, just as in the Mulroney years and then leave us to figure out for ourselves what changed and when it happened.

    Yet again, history repeats itself because the rules prevent us from having any effective platform or medium.

    Problem: These white collar prostitutes work hard to rob us blind each and every time we take a nap.

    Solution: Don't sleep.

    So after we get sold out, I wonder how much of three trillion Chinese dollars (the U.S. has to pay back to date) will become our burden. Or are the natural resources of our land simply enough collateral against foreclosure and an offer for extension? Does anybody know anything about where we are going??? Because it seems like the 5 year plan has turned into a 1 year.

    It's no wonder why the natives are reclaiming their land, before it is all gone FOREVER, because NOTHING in government is reversible....even if they invade the wrong country or screw you royally with their BS shenanigans.

    I'm just pissed right off that this event is kept so quiet when it is so important to each and every one of us, for this generation and those to follow.
    We have all the resources we need to survive here without interference. So why are we being sold out!!!!????

    Maybe time to turn the tide and have some blue collar workers run this country instead. You know, people who know how to work, have a heart, who truly care for their neighbors rather than those who have been trained and certified to lie, cheat, steel, deceive, bilk, twist words, twist truths, sell out to stuff their fkn pockets. Carnivores is all they are.

    You know what is so amazingly beautiful?
    Nature is.
    A Grizzly Bear 100 years ago is the same as today. You both know the boundaries and what to expect and the rules are always the same.

    Read on, then do some research of your own:

    Globalist political heavyweights are preparing to formally propose to Congress the merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American Union at the end of summer after they held secret meetings to devise a plan that will be presented to representatives of all three governments.

    "A powerful think tank chaired by former Sen. Sam Nunn and guided by trustees including Richard Armitage, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harold Brown, William Cohen and Henry Kissinger, is in the final stages of preparing a report to the White House and U.S. Congress on the benefits of integrating the U.S., Mexico and Canada into one political, economic and security bloc," reports World Net Daily.

    "The data collected for the report is based on seven secret round table sessions involving between 21 and 45 people and conducted by CSIS. The participants are politicians, business people, labor leaders and academics from all three countries with equal representation."
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    Georgetown, Ontario

    Default Manifest Destiny

    My family has been in this country since before it was a country, My relatives fought off the invaders during 1812-14. This is just an different attempt to complete manifest destiny. And any elected Canadian offical that promote it through secret means must be brought up on Treason Charges.

    Enough said.


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