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    Default Newbie advice part II

    Hello All,

    I am looking locally and in the US for my first pwc.
    I have read the excellent posts if I purchase in the US and understand duties, GST, PST, Services Canada etc. However, what if I purchase locally(in BC).

    1)To whom do I pay the PST and GST if I purchase from a local private seller?

    2)Do I register the pwc with Services Canada?

    Thank you,


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    yes, you register the pwc with services canada. as for the gst/pst, i'm not sure. when we used to register with customs, they would send you something in the mail to pay gst/pst. sometimes you would get lucky and they wouldn't send you anything. i think the best thing would be to call services canada.

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    Hey Tippy, You only pay the PST on a local Machine when you register the machine locally. There is no GST on a second hand machine.


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